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Custom Glass Table Tops & Mirrors Akron-Canton, OH

Replace Glass Tabletops or Protect Furniture

Could it be the best kept secret in the Glass Doctor's arsenal of glass replacement and repair tools and abilities? We don't just replace windshields! Your Akron-Canton Glass Doctor can also replace and repair table top and furniture glass.

We will take care of all the details for you including size shape and thickness! Utilize a custom piece of furniture glass to cover and keep safe your favorite or precious furniture and heirlooms.

Patio Table Glass

But don't limit your thinking to only indoor furniture We also cut and prep glass for outdoor or patio furntiure. Have an umbrella patio table with a broken or missing piece of glass? Our techs will determine whether or not the glass needs to be repaired or replaced. We can cut the umbrella hole out of the glass for you and EVEN tint the glass if you wish!

Additionally, in order to protect your children from dangerous glass breakage, we recommend using laminated or tempered glass. That way, if the glass breaks, it won't spread or shatter quite as easily.

If your patio furniture already has a glass top and you just need it replaced, we can take care of this for you with a pre-cut hole for your umbrella. We will manufacture this in our plant and pre-cut the umbrella hole. And, we will use safety glass for the protection of you and your family.

The sun can do a number on your furniture. If this is a concern, we can use coated and UV protected glass to help keep your furntiture from fading.

We recommend, if you have children, to consider using a laminated or tempered piece of glass to make sure your kids are safe should there be an accident. Custom glass can be cut for the following types of furniture:

Dining Room Tables
Coffee Tables
Conference Tables
Antique & Heirloom Furniture
Bar Glass
Writing Desks
Custom Mirrors!
We do mirrors too! We have a good selection of customized mirror designs. In addition, we are able to cut mirrors to your specs. If you are interested in putting a custom designed mirror into any of your rooms (like your living room, dining room or bathroom) we have you covered. (We are able to tint any of these mirrors as well.)
Mirror products include:
Custom Bar Mirrors
Hanging Mirrors for Vanities
Full Length Closet Mirrors
Custom Cut to Picture Frames
Standard & Custom Mirrors for Bathrooms
Fully Mirrored Walls